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From planning to reporting, TITAN provides configurable solutions that support your entire test lifecycle.

Standardize testing

Define test settings, vehicle configuration, test setup, execution and teardowns to avoid human errors.

Manage know-how documents

Track and manage revisions of test procedures. Stay up to date with relevant changes.

Define workflows

Use the built-in work flows or create a customized one to meet your unique flow.

Initiate tests

Create and plan the execution of one or a group of tests with a single click saving significant time.

Requirements Management

Select the requirements/verifications required for a project and set the milestones and due dates.

Generate Better Plans

Map the requirements with facilities, vehicles and test equipment to create accurate testing schedule, so each member of your team knows exactly what to do and when to do

Handle Schedule Changes

Easily modify the schedule when unforeseen events occur and avoid the endless feedback loop by keep everyone on the same page

Monitor Progress

You can view the health of a project in terms of Planned vs. actual dates for the tests. Schedule & monitor activity in real-time.


You can define the test unit availability for the departments and view all the tests that were executed by the department.

Modification History

You can track changes to test units and easily see the configuration differences between multiple test runs.

Incident History

You can easily views all the incidents reported and their prescribed countermeasures.

Test History

You can easily view tests run on test units and quickly navigate to associated test data.


Quickly set up KPI’s that are important to you and your leadership to monitor overall progress.

Facility Reports

At a glance, you can find out the available capacity of each of your test facilities.

Status Reports

Set up a standard template for your customized View test reports grouped by status, milestone, test type, facility, requestor, etc.

Formal Test Reports

Automate your Test Reports to increase accuracy and reduce your overall staff workload.

Active Directory

Connect with Active Directory to simplify user management.


Connect to an ASAM-ODS compliant database to browse test data and generate reports.

Video Management Systems

Connect with yor existing Video Management System solutions to monitor the tests from remote locations.

Various Enterprise Systems

It's easy to connect TITAN with your existing tools and systems.

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Accelerate your testing success with improved methods

TITAN is a comprehensive single environment to manage the entire end-to-end Test Process.
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Battery & HV Testing

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Powertrain Testing

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Thermal Testing

Don’t let your test methods get you over Heated

Reliability Testing

Get the most Mileage out of your Tests

Passive Safety (Crash)

No Margin for Error

Vehicle Testing

Enhance the Handling of your Tests

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